There are democratic structures within Hedge End Town Council which give all members a chance to take part in making decisions.


As there are too many decisions to be made by the whole council sitting together, most decisions are delegated to committees. Most of the decisions made by committees are only recommendations and do not become Council decisions until they have been ratified by the Council as a whole. 


Members of the public are invited to attend these meetings unless there is exempt business.

Next Committee Meeting is Recreation & Amenities Committee

Council and committee meetings are being held online via Zoom. If you wish to speak at a meeting or ask a question, you should submit a request by email to the including your email address up to one hour before the meeting. You will then receive an invite from the Council to take part in the online meeting.

Full Council 

The meetings are fairly formal - ruled by Standing Orders. Members of the public can ask to speak at the start of each item by raising their hand to indicate to the Chair.


Highways and Planning

This committee deals with highway matters in the town, although responsibility for them is vested in Hampshire County Council.




This committee makes sure we have the staff we need.



Policy & Resources

This committee deals with the financial affairs of the Council and helps Council set its budgets. It also looks after our procedures.


Recreation and Amenities

This committee looks after the council's facilities for outdoor recreation




he Strategy Committee considers the future direction of the Town Council and monitors policy progression.