Eastleigh Borough Council

Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC) is the authority responsible for local services such as planning, refuse collection and the collection of Council Tax.


Most issues of interest to residents of Hedge End are dealt with by the Hedge End, West End and Botley Local Area Committee.


Two wards of Eastleigh Borough Council are in Hedge End: Hedge End North (3 councillors) and Hedge End South (3 councillors).


The Councillors (members) are:


Ian Corben


Ian Corben (Hedge End North)


Liberal Democrat


2 Fairlie Close 
Hedge End
SO30 4WQ


Phone: 07561 343858

Email: ian.corben@eastleigh.gov.uk


Leigh Hadaway

Leigh Hadaway (Hedge End North)


Liberal Democrats


48 Goodlands Vale
Hedge End
SO30 4SL


Phone: 07429 097379

Email:  leigh.hadaway@eastleigh.gov.uk

Derek Pretty


Derek Pretty (Hedge End North)


Liberal Democrats


64 Britannia Gardens
Hedge End
SO30 2RP

Phone: 01489 79721

Email: derek.pretty@eastleigh.gov.uk


Jane Welsh

Jane Welsh (Hedge End South) 


Liberal Democrats


Trade Winds
Reservoir Lane
Hedge End
SO30 4AX


Phone: 01489 784962

Email:  jane.welsh@eastleigh.gov.uk

Cynthia Garton


Cynthia Garton (Hedge End South)


Liberal Democrats


64 Brittania Gardens

Hedge End


SO30 2RP

Phone: 01489 797213

Email: cynthia.garton@eastleigh.gov.uk


Keith House

Keith House (Hedge End South)


Liberal Democrats


2a Freegrounds Road, 

Hedge End,
SO30 0HH 


Phone: 07768 357918

Email: keith.house@eastleigh.gov.uk