About Hedge End Town Council

Hedge End Town Council has grown alongside the town it serves. The Town Council has 22 members elected every four years from nine wards. Eastleigh Borough Council provides services from the civic offices in Eastleigh and via its Local Area Committees. 


The local MP for Eastleigh is currently Paul John Holmes (Conservative).

Within our system of government, Hedge End Town Council is the first tier of local government and is, therefore, closest to the community. 


There are democratic structures within Hedge End Town Council which give all members a chance to take part in decsions making. As there are too many decisions to be made by the whole council sitting together, most decisions are delegated to Committees.


There are currently VACANCIES in these wards: Berrywood, St John's x 2, Wellstead and Wildern.

The vacancies will be filled at the next ordinary election of councillors on 4th May, 2023.

Community Goverance Reorganisation Order 2022

Eastleigh Borough Council has undertaken a Community Goverance Review in consultation with residents and made recommendations.  Existing wards of the parish of Hedge End Town Council will be abolished and four new wards created.


Kings Copse – 5 Councillors

Village – 5 Councillors

Berry – 4 Councillors

Park – 4 Councillors


Please see the Community Goverance Reorganisation Order 2022 (below)


Community Goverance Reorganisation Order[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.2 MB]

Hedge End Councillors

Berrywood Ward

Ian Corben 

Liberal Democrat


Rupert Kyrle 

Liberal Democrat

Email: Rupert.kyrle@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 02380 407045


Dodwell Ward

Tonia Craig

Liberal Democrat

Email: Tonia.craig@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 02380 404680



Freegrounds Ward

Helen Corben

Liberal Democrat


Keith House

Liberal Democrat

Email: keith.house@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 07768 357918


Keith House Register of Interests 11 5 2[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [131.1 KB]

Shamblehurst Ward

Lucy Jurd

Liberal Democrat 

Email: lucy.jurd@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 07730 072606


Register of Members' Interests


Ron Nichols

Liberal Democrat

Email: Ron.nichols@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 07981852901


Register of Members' Interests


St Helens Ward

Paul Carnell

Liberal Democrat

Email: paul.carnell@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 01489 785216


Register of Members' Interests


Cynthia Garton

Liberal Democrat

Email: cynthia.garton@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 01489 797213


Register of Members Interests


John Shepherd

Liberal Democrat


Phone: 01489 692597


Register of Members Interests

St Johns Ward

Jane Welsh

Liberal Democrat

Email: jane.welsh@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 01489 784962


Register of Members' Interests

Leigh Hadaway

Liberal Democrat

Email: Leigh.Hadaway@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 07429 097379


Register Of Member's Interest
Register of Interest Leigh Hadaway.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]

Station Ward

Dave Kinloch 

Liberal Democrat

Email: dave.kinloch@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 07875 232557 


Register of Members' Interests


James Mitchell

Liberal Democrat

Email: james.mitchell@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 0800 316 3435


Register of Members' Interests


Derek Pretty

Liberal Democrat

Email: derek.pretty@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 01489 797213


Register of Members' Interests


Wellstead Ward

Cliff Morris 

Liberal Democrat

Email: cliff.morris@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 07848 946822

Register of Interests Cliff Morris
Register of Interest Cliff Morris update[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]

Wildern Ward

Margaret Allingham

Liberal Democrat

Email: margaret.allingham@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 01489 798646


Register of Members' Interests

John Jupe

Liberal Democrat

Email: john.jupe@hedgeend-tc.gov.uk

Phone: 01489 780293


Register of Members' Interests