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An allotment is an excellent way to become more self-sufficient and help 'do your bit' for the environment. It enables you to reduce both your carbon footprint and your food bill by growing tasty, fresh 'organic' produce on your doorstep, feeding yourself and your family throughout the year. It's also an excellent way of keeping fit, having fun and shedding those excess winter pounds!


On the western side of Hedge End, running alongside Kane's Hill is the large and well established allotment site for the community of Hedge End. The entrance is located on Upper Northam Drive and is accessed via the roundabout at the top of Kanes Hill. 


Extended to now cover two sites (Kane's Field and Spring Field), Hedge End Town Council has now rented over 180+ plots to local residents. Growing a myriad of fruits, vegetables and flowers the experienced allotment gardener tends a plot on covering 9m X 10m and can be self-sufficient for the majority of the year.


Due to an increase in vandalism and trespass at the site the Town Council began erecting Palisade security fencing across the whole site to improve security and protect the property and hardwork of our tenants. This work was successfully completed in 2010.


With the extension of the allotment site into Spring Field, The Town Council have also put in a new water supply to this site and have erected a small bridge across the ditch linking it to Kane's Field.There are also toilets and a meeting room for use by allotment holders.

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Hedge End Allotment Image: Hedge End Allotment plot

If you are considering renting an allotment please see our FAQs below for further information:


How big is an allotment plot? 


Sizes do vary slightly across the site, however, the approximate size of a plot is 9m X 10m.


How much does an allotment plot cost? 


Our standard plots cost £12.50 per rod per year (2020 price). A £30 returnable deposit is also required when you first sign up for an allotment. Residents on the Electroral Roll of Hedge End will reecive a 40% discount on the per rod price.


A change of rules means that as from May 2018, Hedge End householders can now rent 2 allotments per household if they are available.


Can non-residents of Hedge End rent an allotment? 


From May 2018, non-residents of Hedge End can also rent an allotment plot.  A £30 returnable deposit will also be required when you initially sign up. 


Is there a waiting list, if so how long will I have to wait for a plot?


We do currently have a waiting list (November 2020). Please contact for more information. You can also visit the Hedge End Allotment Holders Website to check plot availability. 


What can I grow on my plot?


Plots need to have 75% of the area cultivated, just go and have some fun and see what's a success (Please see terms & conditions for further information). Talk to the other allotment growers as they will have lots of tips on what grows well in the soil and what crops are best avoided!


Can I put a shed on my plot or will there be one already there?


Tenants may have one shed per plot, this must not exceed 6 x 4 in size. Only wooden constructions with a pitched roof are permitted. Erection of a larger shed or greenhouse will require authorisation from the landlord.


Will my plot be overgrown when I get it?


This will depend on how long the site has been empty and what the previous holder was cultivating. We advise all interested parties to inspect the site thoroughly to ensure they are happy before they make a commitment. 


Can I keep animals on my allotment plot?


Unfortunately, we do not allow allotment holders to keep any pets or livestock on the allotment site.


Can I get access to water?


Yes, there are water taps within easy access of both allotment fields.


Can I get access to electricity?


No, we have no electric on site


Are there any public conveniences nearby?


Yes, there is a portacabin with toilet and general meeting room for use by all allotment holders.


What happens if I dont tend to my plot regularly?


Under the terms of the agreement all plots must be regularly cultivated and the Town Council will make regular inspections to ensure standards are maintained and the site is used for the purposes intended. Non-cultivation of a site could result in the tenant receiving a termination notice.


Am I allowed to trap or shoot crows or magpies that attack my crop?


The simple answer is no! Magpies are fully protected by the European Union Birds Directive and can only be destroyed by authorised persons. Any issues with pest control on site should be reported directly to the Town Council who will dispatch groundstaff to investigate.


To visit the Hedge End Allotment Holders website click below.