Community Tree Project 

As well as celebrating National Tree Charter day on the 30th of November, Hedge End Town Council would like to map iconic Trees in Hedge End, as a campaign to preserve trees locally and the memories which they have helped us create over the years. The more information you can provide the better! This can include images, the species of tree, mapping, grid reference and any other personal touches which you may wish to add or share.


The tree charter website states "Trees have stood up for people since the beginning of human history, providing fuel for our fires, shelter from the elements, timber for our buildings, and places for inspiration and relaxation. To our ancestors trees held a special sacred status due to their vital role in everyday life and the emotions they stirred. Trees and woods are rooted in our language, culture, literature, art and industry.


800 years on the role of trees and woods in the lives of people living in the UK has changed. But trees and woods are in need of protection more now than ever before."

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Community Tree Project


Hedge End Town Council are aiming to map all of the important and historic trees in the area and we would like your help! 


The trees can be old, large, commemorative, or simply a tree which is special to you.

Please write in to Hedge End Town Council via letter or email.


2000 Centre, St. Johns Road, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 4AF.